A Boy Was Born SATB+org.1988Christmas +pdf *mp3
Ad Multos AnnosTTB+org.2009Jubilee+pdf *mp3
Advent Common PsalmCantor,Congr.+org.1999Adventpdf *
Anima ChristiSATB2014Holy Weekpdfmp3
Baptismal HymnChoir, Congr. +org.1993Baptismpdf *mp3
Be StillSAT+org.2011General+pdf *mp3
Canadian CarolSSA+flutes, cello, org.1982Christmas + pdf *WMA
Canadian CarolSABar+org.1983Christmas pdfmp3
Canadian CarolSATB+org.1992Christmas pdf
Christ was humbler yetSAT2013Good Friday
Palm Sun.
+ pdf *mp3
Christmas Midnight PsalmCantor,Congr.+org.1990Christmas pdf mp3
Come, Ye FaithfulSAT+Org.2021 Easterpdf*mp3
Cry Out With JoySATB1969Praise & Thanksgivingpdfmp3
Divine ParadoxSSA1983Christmas + mp3
Easter ProclamationDeac./Cel./Cantor,Congr.2012Easter Vigil pdf * mp3
Easter SongSSA1978 Easter + mp3
Easter Vigil PsalmsCantor,Congr.+org.2005 Easter pdf mp3
Euch. Prayer 2 For EasterCelebrant,Congr.+org.2012 Easter pdf * mp3
Festive AlleluiaCong,cantor,descant+org.2006General pdf
Five Poems of John DonneMezzo-sop.+piano1985Concert+ pdf *mp3
From Harmony, From HeavenSSA+orch.1979Concert+ pdf *mp3
Gloria ‘Pax Hominibus’Cantor/Choir,Congr.+org.2011Mass pdf * mp3
Glory be to GodVoices + flutes, org.1993General pdf * mp3
God Be In My Head (1972)SATB1972 General pdf * mp3
God Be In My Head (2000)SABar.2000 General pdf * mp3
God’s Work of Art [EPH.2:10][Congr.],SAT+org.2012 General + pdf* mp3
Good Friday IntercessionsVoices +org.2007Good Friday+pdf
Great Amen (Extended chant)Cel.,Congr.,SATB+org.1989Mass+ pdf * mp3
I Know That My Redeemer…Voices + organ2005Holy Week; Funerals pdf
I Lift Up My EyesSATB1991General+ pdf
I Sing of a MaidenSSAA1987 Advent & Christmas pdf
In ExcelsisSSA1980Christmas + pdf *mp3
In ParadisumCongr., Cantor/Choir+org.2006Funerals+ pdf
Lamb of GodCongr. + organ2011Mass pdf * mp3
Litany of PraiseCongr., SABar + org.2007General+ pdf * mp3
Litany of The SaintsCel., Congr. + organ1999Easter Vigil+ pdf * mp3
Love Bade Me WelcomeSABar + organ1985General; Communion pdf
Lullay My LikingSAT + organ2009Christmas + pdf * mp3
NativitySSAA1991Christmas + mp3
Noel NouveletUnis.Choir, Descant +org.2002Christmas + pdf
O Lord, You Search MeSAT + organ2010General pdf * mp3
O Magnum MysteriumSAT2016Christmas pdf *mp3
Palm Sunday ProcessionalVoices + guitar/organ1989Palm Sunday pdf *
Pentecost SequenceVoices + organ1990Pentecost pdf
Philippians 2:6SAT + Organ2017Good Fridaypdfmp3
Reproaches (Good Friday)SAT + organ2008Good Friday+ pdf * mp3
Responsorial Euch. Accl’sCantor/Choir,Congr.+org.2011Mass pdf * mp3
Shrewsbury Euch. Accl’sCongr., Descant +organ2011Mass pdf * mp3
Sing High For The HollyS+SATB + organ1985Christmas + pdf * mp3
Sing High For The HollyS+SAT [+ organ]1985Christmas pdf
Sing High For The HollySSA1985Christmas mp3
St Ann GloriaCongr. + organ2011Mass pdf * mp3
Sweet Was The SongMezzo-S solo +SATB1983Advent & Christmas + pdf *mp3
Te DeumCantor/Choir,Congr.+org.
1995General pdf * mp3
Telling God’s StorySATB + organ2005Advent & Christmas + pdf mp3
There Is No RoseSSA1979Advent & Christmas + pdf
There Is No RoseSAT2011Advent & Christmas pdf * mp3
Ubi CaritasSAT + organ2010Holy Thursday + pdf * mp3
Upon My LapS,optionalA,descant+org.1984Christmas+pdf mp3
Worship And PraiseVoices + organ1994General+ pdf mp3

* Score available also in Sibelius format – please email me from the contact page.

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