Lent, Holy Week, Easter & Pentecost

Anima ChristiSATB2014pdfmp3
Christ was humbler yetSAT2013+pdf *mp3
Come, Ye FaithfulSAT+Org.2021pdf*mp3
Easter ProclamationDeac./Cel./Cantor,Congr.2012pdf *mp3
Easter Vigil PsalmsCantor,Congr.+org.2005pdfmp3
Festive AlleluiaCong,cantor,descant+org.2006pdf
Good Friday IntercessionsVoices + Organ2007pdf
I Know That My Redeemer…Voices + organ2005pdf
Litany of The SaintsCel., Congr. + organ1999+pdf *mp3
Palm Sunday ProcessionalVoices + guitar/organ1989pdf *
Pentecost SequenceVoices + organ1990pdf
Philippians 2:6SAT + Organ2017pdfmp3
Reproaches (Good Friday)SAT + Organ2008pdf
Te DeumCantor/Choir,Congr.+org.1995pdfmp3
Ubi CaritasSAT + organ2010+pdf *mp3

* Score available also in Sibelius format -please email me from the contact page.

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